​​​​Mines And Quarries​

The Central Administration of Mines and Quarries regulates and controls the exploitation of mineral wealth in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where research licenses and exploitation contracts are issued for mining materials, mining contracts and mining contracts.


It also undertakes technical inspection of the areas of research and exploitation and follows up the seriousness of its operation in the areas to ensure that the operator and licensee fulfill the obligations specified by the provisions of the Mineral Resources Law No. 198 of 2014, some of its provisions amended by Law No. 145 of 2019 and its executive regulations.


It also determines the rent of quarries through the competent committee and represented by the Ministry of Local Government.


It shall issue the technical recommendations and guidelines necessary for the preservation of mineral wealth and the safety and security of the work and the workers and the preservation of the environment in the areas of mines, quarries and salts in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and the texts of licenses for exploitation