EMGF The 3rd Meeting of the Consulting Committee of Gas Industry Via Video Conference

Eng. Tarek El Molla,Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources


Despite the current international circumstances related to COVID-19 pandemic, the gas industry advisory committee of the East Mediterranean gas Forum's (EMGF), held its 3rd meeting via video conference, according to the international conditions and precaution procedures. The EMGF's activities continued effectively, as a result of the achievements in the last period. No doubt, the current conditions and their effects on different economic activities, especially the oil and gas industry, enhanced the need of cooperation and coordination among all parties to confront these new challenges, which goes along with the main objectives of the Forum, form a platform for dialogue along with formulating a common vision, to overcome common challenges and risks, as well as achieve the optimum utilization of the region's potentials of gas reserves and infrastructure, in addition to establishing a sustainable regional gas market for the benefit of the region's peoples.

The meeting was headed by Egypt's representative and head of the high-level work group, in the presence of representatives of the founding members of the forum, and representatives of the Gas Industry Advisory Committee members, in addition to the EU and the World Bank representatives.