Launching and Delivering the First Batch of the New CNG Vehicles

El Molla and the Ministers during the Cermony Launching and Delivering the First Batch of New Natural Gas Vehicles


On 9th April 2021, Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, participated in the ceremony of launching and delivering the first batch of the new vehicles operating by natural gas, as part of the President's initiative to replace and convert cars, in the presence of Minister of Finance, Minister of Trade and Industry, Presidential Advisor for Financial Affairs, and the Governors of Cairo, Giza and Qalyubia.

In his speech, Eng. Tarek El-Molla asserted that the national project of expanding the use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles, has all the factors of success recently, on top of which, is the full support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to launch the presidential initiative for replacing and converting cars to work with natural gas, in addition to economic reform policies.

He affirmed that within 3 years, there will be nearly 1 million vehicle running on gas as fuel, and about 450 thousand cars will be converted and replaced with natural gas during the three years.

El Molla praised the effective and fruitful cooperation with the Central Bank for providing finance through banks, for establishing stations, in addition to the facilities offered by the governors for issuing licenses for drilling and construction operations.

El Molla affirmed that this initiative aims at achieving major economic savings for the citizen through using natural gas as a clean and low-cost fuel.


El Molla during his Speech in the Cermony of Launching and Delivering the First Batch of New Natural Gas Vehicles