African Petroleum Producers Organization



About the APPO "African Petroleum Producers Organization"

The Resolution of establishing the African Petroleum Producers' Association (APPA) adopted in Lagos on 27th January, 1987; It's Headquarters is in Congo Brazzaville. It currently includes 18 member African countries:

  1. Arab Republic of Egypt,

  2. People's Democratic Republic of Algeria,

  3. Republic of Angola,

  4. Republic of Benin,

  5. Republic of Cameroon,

  6. Republic of the Congo,

  7. Democratic Republic of the Congo,

  8. Republic of Cote d'Ivoire,

  9. Gabonese Republic,

  10. Republic of Equatorial Guinea,

  11. State of Libya,

  12. Federal Republic of Nigeria,

  13. Republic of South Africa,

  14. Republic of Chad,

  15. Islamic Republic of Mauritania,

  16. Republic of the Sudan,

  17. Republic of Niger,

  18. Republic of Ghana.

These countries have 125 billion barrels (2018 est.) of proven reserves, accounting for 7.7% of global reserves, producing 7.5 million bbl./day, representing 9.3% of world production, and under their proven gas reserves of 510 trillion SCF, representing 7.65%, of which production will be 7,556 billion SCF annually, accounting for 5.8% of global production. The Organization aims to developing cooperation among member States in across the whole value chain of the petroleum industry, and help to establish projects that benefits the Organization and Member States

The Association deviated from its objectives, so the member states decided to restructure it. The hydrocarbon resources should contribute to the economic development of Africa. Promote the need for consultation and cooperation between Member Countries in the major areas of the hydrocarbon industry such as exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals, marketing, transportation, distribution, storage and human resources development in Africa, The need to promote technical assistance among African Petroleum Producing Countries in areas in which these countries have acquired valuable experience.

To supply petroleum products to African hydrocarbon non-producing countries, this is to contribute to the promotion of energy independence in Africa.


The restructuring came within the framework of seeking to be an organization with a global impact and maximizing its financial resources. In Nigeria in March 2017, the association's name was amended to become the Organization of African Oil Producing Countries (APPO).

The organization compromises of:

The decision-making bodies :

1.      The Council of Ministers (the Council):

  1. Is the supreme policy and decision-making body of the Organization, the President of the Council of Ministers shall be the Minister of the country hosting the Ordinary Session of the Council which ends the current fiscal year.
  2. b.      The Council of Ministers shall meet once a year in Ordinary Session, which Session shall be, held on rotational basis in Member Countries and according to alphabetical order, except for any contrary decision of the Council.*


2.      The Executive Board:

  1. The Executive Board shall be made up of one representative per Member Country.
  2. The Executive Board shall meet twice a year.
  3. Assist the Council of Ministers in the establishment of Strategic Orientations,
  4. Formulate the Organization's Strategic Objectives for the approval of Council of Ministers
  5. Formulate the general policies for the work of the Organization,
  6. Perform oversight functions on the Secretariat;
  7. Consider the financial statements and the External Auditor's Report and recommend to the council of ministers for approval.

     This is in addition to the extraordinary meetings of the Council of Ministers or the Executive Council called by the President of the Organization.

Three permanent Organs:

  1. The APPO Secretariat
  2. The Benin-based APPO Fund, which will be renamed "AEICORP - Africa Energy Investment Corporation".
  3. African Petroleum Institute "AFPI"

(It is suspended) and headquartered in Egypt from 27 December 2013 (the date of publication of the headquarters agreement in the Egyptian official newspaper, and the first training session in the field of petroleum agreements was later in January 2014) to 30 April 2016.

specialized organs of the Executive Board:

  1. The Meeting of Managing Directors of National Oil Companies of APPO Member Countries.
  2. The Conference of Directors of Institutions and Training Centers (CoDIREF).
  3. The Ad hoc Committee of Legal Experts.

Other Entities

  1. The African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (CAPE), which is held every three years, was organized by the State of Equatorial Guinea in March 2019.
  2. The APPO Data Bank, which is responsible for creating a database for the Member States of the Organization to contribute to the development of plans and strategies for the Organization.

organization Chart of the secretariat of the african petroleum Producers organization(APPO)