Petroleum agreements …. The Pillar of attracting investment

and increasing production

  • The agreements for oil and gas exploration and exploitation are the backbone of the petroleum sector in particular and the state in general. Under these agreements, oil and gas exploration and exploration is conducted through foreign, Arab and Egyptian companies, which in turn inject billions of dollars as direct investments to increase and support oil and gas production in addition of indirect investments, which directly affect the public treasury and the country's national product, as well as the increase in exploration and development and the consequent increase in production rates and contribute to the reduce imports and reduce the cost of production, which is ultimately contributing to the national economy.
  • Within the framework of the objectives and strategies of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in the petroleum agreements and attracting more investments, an ambitious plan was put in place to contribute positively and effectively to the development of our oil and gas resources and to strengthen the national energy security in Egypt by working towards self-sufficiency of oil and natural gas As well as achieving equitable geographic distribution of development plans throughout the country, while ensuring that sufficient oil and natural gas remain to meet the needs of future generations.
  • Achieving this plan also requires more investments to support and develop the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry of pipelines and production facilities as well as investment in all activities of the oil and gas industry, refining and petrochemicals.
  • In order to start the implementation of this plan and as a first step, there is a need to include in the model of petroleum agreements items that stimulate and encourage foreign partners to invest, especially with the high cost of discoveries development in general and the deep-water areas in the Mediterranean in particular, and the risk factor. Therefore, some of the items have been set out in the new agreements aimed at achieving an appropriate return on investment, which encourages the foreign partner to invest more and start production as soon as possible to meet the needs of the domestic market, especially gas, and promote the balance between the interests of the parties.
  • As a result of the Ministry's actions, during the last period from October 2013 until February 2021, total of (130) agreements with a total investment of about $ 18.1 billion in the exploration phases and 515 Exploratory wells as am minimum.
  • The Ministry of Petroleum is seeking to increase the number of petroleum agreements by offering new international Bid rounds by its affiliates through Egypt Upstream Gateway (EUG) on website in order to attract more major international companies to work in the Egyptian oil sector in order to increase production of oil and gas to achieve the ministry's strategy of transforming Egypt into a regional energy hub.





 Exploration…...The first step towards sustainable development


  • The exploration activities are the direct reflection of the effort exerted in the petroleum agreements sector and are the key to add reserves for more growth. Currently there are more than 60 international companies working in the field of petroleum exploration and exploitation within 183 areas in the Mediterranean Sea, Nile Delta, Western Sahara, Eastern Desert, Sinai and Upper Egypt under supervision of the Ministry of Petroleum's affiliated.


  • Because of the continuous and intensive petroleum exploration programs during the past period, 449 discoveries (315 oil - 134 gas) achieved which added Egypt's oil and gas reserves about 522.3 million barrels of oil and condensates in addition to 41.7 TCF gas from 2013 until 2020. and (119) development lease for new discoveries were signed in the Mediterranean, Western and Eastern Desert.
  • Egypt has been on a drive to attract more investment in its energy sector and speed up production at recent discoveries in different Petroleum Provinces