In February 2015, a Higher Energy Efficiency Committee was formed to achieve energy conservation & improvement across the sector. Issued Jan 2020, the Ministerial Decree No. 414 for committee restructure. The committee chaired by under-secretary for the ministry's technical office. Petroleum Sector Higher Energy Efficiency Committee responsibilities include the following:

  • Approve the petroleum sector energy efficiency strategy, policies, programs and projects.

  • Approve energy efficiency technical cooperation and agreements with the international institutions and bodies (e.g. the European Union, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the World Bank), as well as the outcomes of such agreements.  

  • Approve the execution plan for energy conservation and efficiency projects in petroleum companies.

  • Set the necessary recommendations for the energy conservation & efficiency project implementation across the sector.

  • Fulfill the needed resources (financial - technical - administrative) to accomplish energy efficiency projects in the petroleum companies.

  • Review and approve the necessary plan and related training programs in energy efficiency for sectors' employees.

  • Review and approve the annual energy technical audit plan for sector companies

  • Supervise the annual conference and exhibition for energy efficiency.