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The Energy Efficiency Improvement Program

The 4-B program, the energy efficiency Improvement program is one of the Ministry of Petroleum modernization project seven programs. The program has emphasized the energy efficiency and conservation objectives across the sector companies.

Program Objectives

  • Establish independent energy efficiency departments across the sector companies, with a major role of raising the companies' energy conservation profile and implement energy efficiency projects.

  • Raise awareness and develop skills about energy efficiency and conservation through introducing specialized training programs in the petroleum sector.

  • Establish an effective information technology system capable of processing energy consumption database to provide energy efficiency and conservation solutions and monitor performance.

  • Implement Low / No-cost energy efficiency measures and projects, which reduce the energy consumption.

  • Develop and implement energy efficiency technologies and best practices projects across the petroleum supply chain based on proven potential financial and economic viability. In addition, provide all the necessary support to overcome technical, financial…. etc. obstacles.

  • Carry-out comprehensive studies to identify the potential benefits from energy efficiency projects and operation cost reduction.

  • Establish and develop an administrative and legal framework to raise the energy conservation profile and energy efficiency in the petroleum sector.