The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum has given great attention to energy efficiency utilization. As a starting point the Ministry began with energy subsidies reform program, which linked the national energy prices to the worldwide prices. Doing so has raised the need for energy conservation & efficiency measures. Furthermore, in 2017 the Ministry of Petroleum founded the 4-B Program for energy efficiency under the umbrella of Petroleum Sector Modernization project, to reinforce energy efficiency measures & projects across the petroleum sector. Since then the 4-B program has achieved notable financial & energy savings outcomes, which include:

    • Energy consumption levels were reduced by about 520 million L.E when apply Low / No-cost measures in 17 consumption-intensive sector companies.

    • Set-up an institutional, administrative, and legal framework for energy efficiency in the sectors companies, including the establishment of Energy Efficiency and Climate Department (EECD) at The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Efficacy Departments at the Petroleum Holding Companies, and continued to establish EE department in all sight.

    • Increased efficiency of sectors' employees in the field of energy efficiency, through a wide range of educational events, including:

        • Organized several workshops to spread awareness about energy efficiency, in cooperation with many international intuitions and banks, such as The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank (WB), and the international Cooperation Agency (JICA).

        •  Over 18 months, 71 energy efficiency training programs for over 1000 employees were implemented. The training programs were reviewed and introduced in cooperation with five specialized petroleum training companies.

        • Organized energy efficiency conferences and exhibitions, with focus on the cooperation in energy efficiency technology and projects among sector companies and energy efficiency stakeholders, such as EE technologies improving companies, EE services & consultation providers, and national and international financing institutions.

    • Created an Energy efficiency consumption database for the petroleum sector to monitor consumption on an ongoing basis, identify energy-intensive companies and take the necessary energy efficiency measures.