Workshops / Capacity Building

A Site visit to the French Petroleum Institute (IFP Energies Nouvelles) and the Total Energies site in the city of Dunkirk as part of the capacity building program in the field of energy efficiency in cooperation with the European Union

A Study tour in Japan for 9 individuals from the petroleum sector with the aim of learning about policies, services and technologies for improving energy efficiency in Japan 

DEVELOPMENT of the energy efficiency strategy for the petroleum sector and announcing it at the COP 27 climate conference in the Conference of the Parties (COP 27)

In line with the ambitious plans and the great efforts made by the Egyptian government to achieve the global greenhouse gases (GHGs) reduction targets, the Egyptian ministry of petroleum has organized, for the first time in the history of climate conferences, the de-carbonization day for the oil & gas industry. The aim of this day is to share progress in policy, Advanced technologies and the significance of enhancing energy efficiency in the petroleum sector and inspiring further actions among participated countries.

During the de-carbonization day, the ministry of petroleum held 7 sessions, tackling wide range of de-carburization measures. One of those sessions was dedicated for the "energy efficiency crucial role in de-carbonization". The session has outlined the great potential of energy efficiency measures in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to lower the demand and price of this valuable resource, consequently improving the competitiveness of petroleum companies & profits. H.E. The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced the petroleum sector Energy Efficiency Strategy in his opening speech at the session in the presence of the Ambassador of the European Union to Egypt, the Executive Director of Green Economy and Climate at the Reconstruction Bank, the Director of the JICA Climate Office, the CEO and Managing Director of Torboden, and the representatives of our Global Partnerships Consultant IBM.

Workshop on preparing a roadmap for building an energy management system in the petroleum sector

JICA top management Workshops on preparing a roadmap for building an energy management system in the petroleum sector (2020)

Opening the Center of excellence (October 2022)

EU kick off meeting 2019

EU Closing meeting 2022

Intensive Geothermal Project Management Training Course Conducted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand Through the New Zealand-Africa Geothermal Energy Facility

Cooperation Project With JICA 



Closing cermony of JICA Project


Workshop on Implications of Governing Production and Consumption of Plastics