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The Equal Opportunities Unit is a unit created to be the liaison between the National Council for Women and the Ministry of Petroleum. The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources had issued Resolution No. (1686) for the year 2017 on the restructuring and activating its role and providing the necessary mechanisms, measures and policies to achieve equality and equal Opportunities between employees.

The Unit Main Goal

  • ·  Enhancing the role of women and empowering them economically, socially and politically.

    ·  Providing the necessary mechanisms, measures and policies to ensure economic, social and cultural rights on the basis of equal opportunities.

    ·  Achieving equality between women and men in all rights, in line with the Women's Empowerment Strategy 2030.

The Unit Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • · Setting a database of the total number of employees in the Petroleum Sector & determining the percentage of women participation in the petroleum activities.

    · Developing plans, programs and seminars with the cooperation of highly experienced specialists to develop all capabilities & skills of women and contribute to their awareness of their political and social rights and teach them ways to achieve excellence performance 

    · Coordinating with the Women's Complaints Bureau of the National Council for Women in relation to the obstacles faced by working women within the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and working to solve them

    · Initiating training programs at all levels to enhance Women capacity and behavioral skills to cope with the needs of the work.

    · Creating a fair motivated working environment & mitigate all obstacles facing women.