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In 2000, the ministry of petroleum adopted an integrated strategy, the most important mechanism to implement it is to develop and amend the structure of the Egyptian petroleum sector through separating the activities of the natural gas and petrochemicals from the activities of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, and establishing a strong entity for each of them, in addition to focusing the attention on Upper Egypt through establishing an independent entity. After adding the activities of the mineral resources to the duties of the ministry of petroleum and establishing the Mineral Resources Authority on the 14th of October 2004, the petroleum sector now consists of five strong entities cooperating and integrating to make the best use of   petroleum and mineral resources wealth. They are: The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company, Ganoub El-Wadi Holding Company and The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority. 
Ministry of Petroleum
(1A)Ahmad El Zomor St., 8th district, Nasr City,  Cairo.
Tel: 26706401-26706402 Fax: 26706419-26706427
Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation
Palestine St., part 4, New Maadi,Cairo .
Tel: 27031438-27031439 Fax: 27028813-27031457
Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company
85 Nasr Road,first ditrict ,Nasr City, Cairo .
Tel: 24055845-24055846 Fax: 24055876-22611176
Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company
 27 El Salam St., Zahret El Louts Zone
5th Compound, New Cairo, Cairo
Tel: 27598300 Fax: 27598303

Ganoub El-Wadi Holding Company
9 Moustafa Refaat St, Sheraton Residence, Cairo .
Tel:26961000  Fax: 22688509
 Aswan office:Kalabsha building,Abtal El Tahrir St,Aswan
Tel: 097/2302666-097/2302999 Fax: 097/2305974
Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority
3 Salah Salem St,Abbaseya,Cairo .
Tel: 26852914-24829935 Fax: 24820128

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