Woman in Petrol Sector 


 The working woman is on top of the priorities of the Ministry of Petroleum which exerts continual efforts to improve her status and to grant her privileges and facilities in order to sustain psychological stability for her family. The ministry succeeded to eliminate the obstacles facing the working woman in the petroleum sector and limiting her capabilities in practical life domains.
Among the most important achievements in this field:
•   Establishing the Equal Opportunity Unit in the Ministry of Petroleum, which includes the preparation of statistical data of the male and female personnel in the petroleum sector and determining the percentage of women working in the sector, the unit's role also includes the continuous updating of this data.
The percentage of women reached around 18%of the total personnel in the Ministry of Petroleum taking into consideration that the percentage of women working in both of the Petroleum Corporation and the Holding companies is around 22% of the total personnel. This percentage resulted from the fact that the petroleum sector activities require specific capabilities which are scarce among women because of the nature of work in the remote and desert areas or even offshore.
It is worth mentioning that the women working in the petroleum sector have occupied the highest positions taking into consideration that for the first time a woman occupied the position of a chairwoman of a petroleum company such as the chairwoman of the Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company, also she has occupied many other positions such as 1st under secretary, under secretary, deputy chairman, chairman assistant and deputy chairman assistant as well as vice-chairman. Thus, the working woman is enjoying equal opportunities as there is no discrimination between men and women neither in rights nor in duties.

•    The Ministry of Petroleum is keen on training the working women inside Egypt or abroad in order to enhance the performance also to enable her to cope with the successive developments in local, regional and international petroleum industry. The Ministry helps working women to establish careers capable of developing, innovating and participating positively to increase production.

•    Women had a significant role in the cultural domain at the ministry, corporations and their subsidiary companies, her role represented in writing reports and reviews for the petroleum magazine issued by the petroleum sector, also the cultural and scientific magazines issued by different petroleum companies as well as the petroleum youth magazine which published various specialized interviews with many successful female petroleum leaders in order to acknowledge the reasons behind their success in such leading positions in the petroleum sector. 


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